NYFW Fall / Winter 2020
Jasmine Chong Fall/Winter 2020 is an introspective journey. As I wandered through the gilded halls of the Palace of Versailles, I was struck by the height of the beauty - and at the same time - felt the weight of being flawed and human.

The collection mirrors the movements between a lofty world that’s not my own and the groundedness of my flawed humanity. Sheer chiffons and silk organza, weighed down by flocked velvet and heavy jacquards. Menswear silk shirting and wisps of French lace.

Unraveling, yet composed.
NYFW Fall / Winter 2018
Jasmine Chong Fall/Winter 2018 is dreamscapes, the slice of hazy consciousness between being awake and being asleep. 1930s nightwear silhouettes. Plush velvet and whisper-thin chiffon, the marriage of weight and air.
NYFW Spring / Summer 2017
Spring/Summer 2017 is more about a feeling than it is about a place. I felt it after going down rickety wooden steps at a cliffside beach in Santa Barbara in the early days of summer.

Everything felt still, and new, and at peace. The dappled water markings on the rocks, the ebb and flow of the waves, the luscious gradation of white, sand, and rich taupe. The layers, the slow-motion slur of the ocean, the softness of it all.

Jasmine Chong Spring/Summer 2017 is a song of silence, a meditation on clarity, a lesson that could only be learned through feeling and experience.
NYFW Fall / Winter 2016
Jasmine Chong F/W 2016 is a story of finding beauty in the ephemeral. Stemming from the designer's love for botanical illustrations and the lush equatorial greens she grew up with, this collection explores what it means to preserve the life and colour of something that is fleeting.  

From the sculptural quality of a fan palm, to the deepest shade of green of eucalyptus, Jasmine draws from her own collection of botanical lomography and weaves a story that is deeply personal.

Often, the things that do not last are the most beautiful. Jasmine Chong F/W 2016 celebrates this in a way that is simultaneously romantic, moody, fluid and luminous, finding light and beauty in an experience that is no more.
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